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ISTD 2017 Brief — Fickle Fads and Dedicated Followers of Fashion 



"The appeal of hygge is an extension beyond Scandinavian Modernism – the idea that as much as it’s clean and simple, there are layers to it. It’s also got to be organic, where people want to touch and feel it.”


This quote is the inspiration behind the concept for my publication. As hygge is such an abstract concept, I wanted to communicate the various ‘layers’ and elements to a
multi-faceted concept in a way that can engage the reader. The ‘layered’ publication unfolds all the different pocketsof information about hygge and the hygge fad. 


The art direction of the book and cards is influenced by Danish Modernism style design. The publication applies principles of this style through cleanline and form; simplicity;
a refined colour palette; a strict grid system with an emphasis on negative space; and the use of a clean sans serif typeface.​​

This project was awarded a Pass and membership into the International Society of Typographic Design

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